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"But why?" she continues. "And why all this? It's a public well, anyone can just go up and use it, day or night."

"If this happens every night, it would be a bit obvious, wouldn't it?" I say. "Everyone else is nervous about the water, but here comes someone in the dead of night, night after night, filling up buckets or casks with the stuff?"

"I don't think a creature who can control dogs and summon clouds of fog would have much to fear from the people of Peram," she says.

"Exposure, maybe," I say. "They obviously don't care if everyone knows that something is happening, but they don't want anyone to know what. Or maybe who. It might be that our vampire has a face people would recognize."

"Can you part the fog the way you quieted those dogs?" she says.

"That depends," I say.

"On what?"

"On how you feel about letting the vampire hiding in it know that they've been spotted," I say.

"Well, can you peer through it without giving the game away?"

"Not reliably," I say. "I was able to stop us from hearing the dogs without silencing their barks, but if I try to block the fog from sight it will just look like darkness. There are ways of scrying through it, but it would pit my wits against their will to avoid being noticed back... and if this is a new vampire, it's an unusually strong one. This is lord-of-the-castle level stuff it's pulling down there."



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