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“Only a little,” Bel says. “He makes his own bread. He’s bought flour off me when I had extra, but he goes wherever is cheapest. I don’t know how holiness is rated in men, but he’s pious and charitable. Doesn’t drink, doesn’t gamble, willing to give you the shirt off his back… if he’s a hypocrite in his heart of hearts, he hides it well.”

“We’ll see. I mean to go and have a chat with him tomorrow, to size him up and also find out what I can about the blessing he gave,” I say. “If Tyrol didn’t confide in him fully, he might have simply done a blessing for the well covers… I couldn’t see that making a difference to the beast below.”

“That’s tomorrow, is it?” Bel says.

“It’s a start,” I say. “Hopefully, one that will bring us close to the end.”

“So, do you think you’ll have this sewn up in just one day more?”

“I wouldn’t like to guess,” I say. “Certainly no more than a few days.”

“What gives you such confidence?”

“I’m primarily confident that things will swiftly reach a tipping point if I don’t solve the problem,” I say. “It would be a case of being certain it will be solved in a few days or not at all, but ‘not at all’ is not an option.”

“You’re not accustomed to failure, are you?”

“Often, the only thing needed to make a difference between failure and progress on the path to success is to keep moving forward,” I say. “I’m good at moving forward.”

“And is this what you do?” she asks. “Wander around, looking for people who are in trouble and saving them?”

“I never have to look,” I say. “I find. It’s my nature, and the nature of my journey.”

“Journeys usually have destinations.”

“I do have one,” I say.

“Where’s that?”

“Everywhere, eventually.”