Mar. 27th, 2013


Mar. 27th, 2013 10:59 am
The fog does roll in a bit after midnight, and "roll" is the right word for it. A fog can spring up anywhere there is sufficient moisture, but when one things of a rolling fog, one generally pictures somewhere distinctive for it to roll from.

Fogs can roll in off the ocean or from a river, they can roll down the sides of a valley. It's an eerie sight indeed to see it simply roll down the street of a city like a cloud that desires a night on the town.

As Bel said, it rolls past her bakery in the direction of the square. There's enough moonlight to see that the other streets that terminate in the open area are also pouring forth their own streams of vapor.

It is clearly an unnatural mist, both in its density and its clear sense of purpose. The air is still up at the second floor. It must be something other than wind that drives it onward along the ground, especially since it's clearly being drawn to a location rather than being pushed forward in one direction.

"I've heard that vampires can turn themselves to vapor," Bel says. She had been uneasy about unshuttering the upstairs windows, but decided to stay beside me on my vigil regardless.

"That would be standard," I say. "But it would have to be one big vampire."

"Or many smaller ones, acting in concert," she says. "Or one very diffuse one."

"The whole town's infection, emerging at night and acting as a single entity?" I say. "That's almost too terrible to contemplate."

"That's not the same thing as being impossible."

"No, and at any rate, I'm not in any position to say what is and isn't possible in this case," I say. "But the same vampire who may assume a mist form may also have some command of the weather. Summoning a thick fog for concealment is common enough."

"Concealment of what?" Bel asks. "If anything were hunting, it would be better off sticking to shadows. The fog gives away that there's something unnatural in the night and chases prey indoors."

"Let's take it as a given then that something is happening that someone doesn't want to be seen," I say. "The fog is just setting the stage for whatever comes next."

"I can tell you what comes next," Bel says. "But you'll hear it for yourself shortly."



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