Feb. 23rd, 2013

“Then I’m more than half a day late for getting there and back before sundown,” I say. “First order of business for tomorrow, I suppose. I don’t suppose you know if anyone’s seen him around lately?”

“I haven’t heard that anything has happened to him, but I’ve never been acquainted with his comings and goings. He’s never been a troublemaker, nor has he ever involved himself in the civic affairs.”

“Well, then, I suppose I’ll see myself out, then,” I say.

“My footman will see you out, and he’ll see you turn out your pockets before you go.”

“That might be interesting, but I’m afraid we don’t have time for that,” I say. “You don’t want to challenge me, Tyrol… well, probably you do, because it’s in your nature to challenge anyone you think might be undermining you, but it would be against your interests to do so. I’ve been here one day and you already know more about the problem than you did before, but you don’t know the solution. Run me off, lock me up, or do away with me now and you never will.”

“You don’t know the solution, either,” he says.

“No, but I can find out,” I say. “And maybe you could, too, now that you have some idea what we’re dealing with. Only right now, it isn’t really ‘we’ who are dealing with it, it’s me. Do you want it to be you?”

“No… no, I suppose that I don’t,” he says. “But so help me, if a single teaspoon turns up missing, you will pay dearly for your trespass.”

“If you want to have talk about payment, we can have a conversation about the fee for my services before I lift another finger,” I say. “Otherwise, I’ll see myself out now.”



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