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It's pretty much a foregone conclusion that the water here at the hermitage won't show the same signs of contamination as that in town, or else there would be no reason for anyone from here to go into town each night to draw it out.

Still, I am determined to be thorough. If the water here is tainted... well, it might betoken anything for what's become of Father Toma, but it might mean that we have read too much into the signs of the wagon tracks.

I draw water from the well and examine it. It's... water. No feeling of dread, no preternatural clarity.

"The wagon tracks lead into the barn," Bel says.

"That hasn't escaped my attention," I say.

"Are we going to investigate?"

"By and by," I say. "But carefully. The thing is that most sources agree that vampires find sunlight disagreeable, but they differ on whether or not they are completely incapacitated during the day."

"Then you should probably bring that water," Bel says.

"Why? If it was running at one point, it's stopped," I say. "Vampires don't fear ordinary water, otherwise."

"It's a priest's well," she says. "He might have blessed it."