theonecalledwander ([personal profile] theonecalledwander) wrote2013-04-25 11:24 pm
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"You haven't come this way before," my companion observes.

"No, I haven't," I say. "That's why you volunteered as a guide. I've never been through these parts before."

"Before you arrived."

"That's right."

"Which way did you come from?"

"You must've seen me, I strolled right past your shop," I say.

"I don't believe you came in through any road I know," she says. "But the funny thing is, you walk like you know the way."

"It's like the apples," I say. "I've never been on this exact road, but I've seen enough similar ones."

And in truth, there's little remarkable about the road or the countryside... which is not to say that it isn't special in its own way, as all such lands are, but I tell you the honest truth, dear one: there are more lands than there are truly and wholly original ways to be special, and most of the latter aren't particularly pleasant.

There are days where you want a sky of red or amber over a crystalline landscape or a forest of living mirrors, but those things can take you in entirely the wrong way if they creep up on you. Give me a fair day under a blue sky in a lightly wooded country with good roads, and I'll seldom find reason to complain.