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“Oh, alright,” I say, an admission welling up in me like a sneeze. “I’m just a little down on planning because some of mine haven’t panned out lately… it took me far too much groping around to put my finger on the pulse of the problem here, and I’m a little sore about that. I’ll come up with a plan, but I need to know exactly what I’m dealing with. I’m not about to confront an old and powerful evil without a plan, but if I make the plan before I know how old and how powerful, it could well end up like my science experiment earlier.”

“Fair enough,” she says. “But you’re deflecting. I was talking about your life.”

“I wasn’t,” I say.

“Not ever?”

“I am the one called Wander,” I say. “My life is the lonely road, and the only way to know it is to walk beside me.”

“Do you practice those lines in your head?”

“Out loud, actually,” I say. “It’s a very lonely road.”

She laughs. It’s a good sound, the exact antidote to the chilling sight of the reflectionless water. Bel’s laughter is full of life, hot and wholesome as fresh baked bread.

“I like you, Wander,” she says. “At least enough to let you make me dinner.”

“That’s… an interesting offer,” I say. “It usually goes the other way.”

“I made you lunch,” she says. “This isn’t a boarding house, and you aren’t paying. Besides, I want to see what you’re really made of.”

“What makes you think I can cook?” I ask her.

“Can’t you?”

“As it happens, I cook like an angel,” I say. “An angel who’s unusually good at cooking, as far as angels go. But it seems brave of you to assume so.”

“You obviously enjoyed my lunch, but not the way someone who’s been missing a lot of decent hot meals,” she says. “You travel alone. Therefore, you cook.”

“Would you turn me out into the night if I said no?”

“No, but I’d make myself dinner and invite you to watch me eat it,” she says.

“You… are an interesting woman,” I say.