Mar. 4th, 2013 09:22 pm
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“And that’s what you call a life?” Bel says. “Just… blowing around like a speck of sand in the wind? No direction? No drive?”

It’s not the response I was expecting, to put it lightly. To be sure, not everyone really gets the appeal of a life on the road, especially if they’ve never seen my road. It’s not just that Bel is being critical, though, so much as it’s the fact that she seems so underwhelmed. It’s the dismissiveness that hurts the most.

“It’s my life,” I say. Wounded or not, I don’t want to quarrel with my only ally in the area. Tyrol doesn’t count because he isn’t on my side — he just wants me on his. “It is what it is. It could be quite tedious or nerve-wracking or full of a lot of moping, but I try to make the best of it all the same.”

“Don’t you have any dreams?” she asks. “Plans? Goals?”

“I have lots of dreams,” I say. “Usually of seeing different stars in a different sky. Best of all, they come true.” I decide to deflect from any further discussion of my long-term future by focusing on the immediate here and now. “I also have a goal, and that’s saving a town from chronic vampirism. As for plans… well, plans are for people who don’t know how to improvise.”

“And improvising is for people who don’t know how to plan,” Bel says. “Seeing where the road takes you is alright, I guess, when you have the leisure to travel and you don’t much care where you end up. But there comes a time when you need to watch your step. I’d think this would be one of them.”
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